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Mothers Role in Children's Lives

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Mothers have a special place in their children's lives because of the natural bond that starts from pregnancy and develops through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. A mother's involvement with her children is unique and different because there is a strong emotional and social bonding occurring in between. Bonding with children comes only with a day-to-day unconditional love and care of the family. We need to recognize the inextricable strong link that exists between the mothers and the welfare of the whole family including the father and children. Every thing is well if the mother is well.

A Jewish proverb says, "God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers." The words of this venerable proverb have strong emphasis on the important role mothers play in raising their children and taking care of childcare issues. What it means is that, behind a great man, there is always a great woman. It is unthinkable to find a great man who is unmarried because a man is not complete until he is married. But if there is a great unmarried man, he must have a great mother behind him. In other words, women not only mold and guide their children to be well adjusted citizens, but they also prepare their spouses to become successful at work and in life.

Men become the best they can be only with the support and encouragement of women. It is evident that men cannot live without women, but women can live without men because we have observed many of them raising decent children in a household full of love and, care without the support of men. However, it is true that mothers have unique role in parenting, but it cannot be 100% complete without the involvement of fathers.

Mothers are every thing for children. The relationship is built on unconditional love and care. Because being a mother is to support your children all the way even if they choose to take the road you don't want them to. Mothers play a responsible role in children's education and health. They participate in the most of the events and activities related to kids. They prepare various healthy and fun recipes for Kids as they know the value of nutritional food in kid's development. Kids' events organized by mothers can add more smile on their face as they make children get engaged in their favorite activities. Being a mother is to always be there even if it hurts. Because the unfathomable fact is, you can never stop being a mother.

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