Friday, March 11, 2011

Motherhood As My Motivation

One of my dreams is to share information with all the mothers of the world who embrace the idea of working from home and spending more quality time with their families.

As most of us already know, a balanced life makes a happy life. When you have balance, you are more energetic, optimistic and more in control of your life. One of the worst feelings I have ever experienced as a mother, was when I had to leave my baby to someone else to care for her. I felt like she was my child and my responsibility. I didn’t want anyone else to nurture and raise my daughter.

At 8 weeks old, my daughter was taken to a home daycare as I returned back to my corporate employer. I cried more the weekend before I returned to work, than my 8 week old daughter did within the 8 weeks in which she was born.

Eventually the day care provider did not meet my expectations, so I asked my mother to take care of my baby. As time went on, my baby went through her phases of normal infant development. I was constantly getting reports of her new discoveries and developments.

My baby took her first steps when she was 9 months old. She was with my mother at the time and naturally she couldn’t wait until the weekend when I would be home to witness that precious moment. She wanted to walk during the week, so that I could hear about it through the grapevine.

I’ve waited for what seemed like an eternity to be able to experience motherhood, yet I was missing out on the complete experience. I wanted badly to assume the position of a stay at home mom. I envisioned myself working from home with my baby on my lap.

I didn’t believe I had the ability to achieve my work at home mom dreams, until I was able to wittness one of my best girlfriends work from home, as her daughter attended kindergarten.

My friend found work as an independent business owner as a virtual call center representative. She has been fortunate enough to be with her daughter for the past 4 years.

I could have been doing the same as she, yet I was complacent and afraid to leave my 9-5 with great pay, seniority, and great benefits.

I wasn’t happy doing the work I did, yet I stay because of the need for a steady pay check and benefits.

Now 5 years later, I have found work at home opportunities to assist me in being more assessable to my daughter. Currently I’m a licensed real estate agent for the State of Michigan., Now I too run my own independent business as a virtual call center representative, in addition to that, in addition to all the other things previously mentioned, I also am an Independent sales representative for AVON Products, Inc.

My daughter is now in the kindergarten, we are extremely close and she is the light of my life! She has been my constant motivation in finding ways to be the Mommy I really desire to be.

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