Friday, March 11, 2011

Educate Yourself On How To Exit Out Of The Rat Race

Neville Easley

In todays uncertain economy Corporations and Small Business Owners are looking for more ways to cut expenses rather than increase them. You know things are bad when the nation loses 11,000 jobs in November. Sure, unemployment has come down a meager 0.2 percent to put us at 10 percent, but that's still the worst level in decades. And more important, there's no real end in sight, and it's only going to get worse as the economy sinks deeper into a depression.

Even if jobs start to come back sooner than expected—which may happen as more stimulus money starts to kick in. U.S. unemployment is likely to remain high for years to come, as much as 7 or 8 percent even into 2014. "The average American will not be better off in five years, and unemployment will remain high and wage growth will continue to be flat. Employees have less ground to stand on now then ever before. Our future is very bleak unless we make some educated decisions to pursue other endeavors to "Exit Out Of The Rat Race".

Now this is only an option due to some people are comfortable in their careers, but if you are the type of person who is currently in a unstable job market and searching for additional ways to improve your situations then this choice can provide you an outlet. You must be willing to reverse your way of thinking, break out of your comfort zone, overcome fears, and take some decisive action if you want to acquire financial gain and abundance. "Exiting Out Of The Rat Race" with a concrete fundamental plan can offer huge benefits. Robert Kiyosaki said it best its "Time To Exit Out Of The Rat Race And Onto The Fast Track" If you are unclear exactly what this means then let me give you a basic breakdown.

1. People in the Rat Race work hard on the clock compared to people on the Fast Track work smart on the clock.

2. People in the Rat Race trade time for money compared to people on the Fast Track have their money working for them 24hrs. This is called "Leveraging".

3. People in the Rat Race live off Earned Income compared to people on the Fast Track live off Residual & Portfolio Income.

4. People in the Rat Race miss memorable moments while people on the Fast Track are always present, and are able to cherish every moment past and present.

5. People in the Rat Race have to request time off for vacation compared to people on the Fast Track can take a Vacation whenever, wherever, and for how long they want.

There are approximately over 15 Million people involved in Home Enterprises today, and that projection within the next 10 years is expected to quadruple. People are fed up with long commutes, no time and freedom for themselves or their families, minimal raises, harassment, job politics, conflicting colleagues, low employee morale, favoritism and many other negative issues that affect quality of life. This everyday process will interfere with your rest, health and your bank account.

Home based Entrepreneurs who make intelligent decisions are constantly making an extreme impact not just in North America economy but the World economy! Each week just here in the U.S. 175,000 people and more than 300,000 people around the world are taking advantage of "Exiting Out Of The Rat Race. So my question here is you only have 2 groups to choose from which one will it be?

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